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Tour Of London Zoo

London is undoubtedly one of the oldest cities in the world and certainly teeming with a rich and colorful history. Because of its tumultuous past, more people who never really got the chance to visit the city would naturally write it off as one of the ancient cities with cavernous museums, old structures, and sculptures. Otherwise, it can be succinctly described as plain boring. However, a lot of seasoned tourists and locals would readily squash such preconceived notions.

If you hold no real appreciation for the arts and all the other pedagogic attractions, you belong to the majority of the population who are all too eager to sample the unique brand of fun and excitement a foreign place has to offer. Surprisingly, London can offer you both with such flair that you can only account for a serious drive to slake all the possible cravings for different forms of entertainment that would cater to every whims and fancy. Unknown to many, the city of London offers some offbeat attractions such as The London Zoo, which has been founded way back in 1826 and is located at the Outer Circle, Regent’s Park.

So, what does London Zoo have to offer? There are actually a plethora of fun activities that you can indulge in such as checking the Clore rainforest lookout, feeding the penguins, and meeting the monkeys that include the rare Bolivian Squirrel monkeys. This is certainly a fun twist to an educational tour especially if you have your children in tow. The London Zoo is open every day of the year, except on Christmas Day. There are a number of daily events scheduled that you can choose from that will ensure a highly fun-filled adventure for you and your family.

The London Zoo also offers special programs specifically for children, a great way to introduce different animal species. A great new tidbit that would certainly interest children is the fact that the cartoon character ‘Winnie the Pooh’ actually originated from London Zoo. As the story goes, a black cub named Winnie was so endearing that a certain child Christopher Robin particularly love the bear. It just so happened that the boy’s father is a writer and coined the name Winnie the Pooh. The rest, as they always say is history.

There are a number of other great highlights that would certainly provide you with some unique entertainment that would certainly contribute to a very memorable trip. So if you are planning to visit London anytime soon, check out the zoo and discover the wildlife in its man-made habitat.

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